YFK-07903004-TS02 – Small Resin Packed Motor , Single Phase Asynchronous Motor For Air Conditioner

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Product Features:

1. Well-formed, small size, light-weight, motor body length, and weight are both smaller than other metal shell motors by about 25%.

2. Small vibration, low noise, stable operation; under power frequency power supply, resin packed motor sound pressure intensity is 7 dB lower than steel shell motors, under variable-frequency power supply it is 9 dB lower.

3. Good Insulation: E. Corrosion-proof, humidity-proof, high-temperature resistance.

4. Energy-saving high efficiency, with 70% efficiency-conversion, 10% energy-saving than general motors.

Product Applications:

1. Air conditioner outdoor unit.

2. Air conditioner indoor unit.

3. Air refresher, range hood, sewer grinder, dehumidifier, medical equipment, special blender, etc.

Small Resin Packed Motor, Single Phase Asynchronous Motor For Air Conditioner

Technical Parameters:

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YFK-07903004-TS02220-2405045CL E2/450

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